“Grace Lee’s American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs took the black-versus-white dichotomy even one step further and rendered it colorblind through the eyes of its 98-year-old rebel protagonist. The feisty, Chinese-American civil rights pioneer is not only older and wiser – but so wise that she forces the younger Grace Lee to step up her own filmmaking artistry just to keep up with her.”

Full Review At Filmmaker

“97-year-old Detroit fixture Grace Lee Boggs doesn’t just explode the docile-Asian-female stereotypes Lee set out to question with her earlier pic; she makes an inspiring case for self-determination and intellectual fortitude regardless of background.”

Full Review At Variety

“This documentary is eye opening on many levels  For anyone who has never had a clear understanding of just what a revolutionary is, beyond the typical violent protestor, seeing and listening to Boggs will open your eyes and feed your mind.”

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“Director Lee delivers an indelible portrait of a woman whose ideas, writings, and critical thinking continue at the ripe age of ninety-seven and are connecting with new generations today.Ne

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Rest in Power, Grace Lee Boggs. 1915-2015


A short video made up of footage — most of which we weren’t able to use in American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs.

Rest In Power


Rest in Power, Grace Lee Boggs



Grace Lee Boggs passed away peacefully this morning. We are so grateful for the vision of justice and human connection that she gave us and feel incredibly privileged to have been able to share her story with others.

POV is streaming the film for free until Nov 4:

Also available on Netflix streaming.

Grace Lee Boggs turns 100 on June 27, 2015


We’d love to have you reflect on what Grace means to you. Share on social media with a statement or photo or video (use your smart phone) and use the hashtags #GraceLeeBoggs100 and #AmericanRevolutionary. We will select a few to highlight on our own social media and if we do we’ll send you a FREE copy of the film soundtrack.

Or, you can also share this clip from the film and wish Grace a happy birthday. Is your imagination rich enough?

George Foster Peabody Award


American Revolutionary is the proud recipient of a George Foster Peabody Award, recognizing excellence in “stories that matter” in electronic media. The awards ceremony will be May 31, 2015. Stay tuned!

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American Revolutionary is available to all Comcast digital cable customers with On Demand.

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I had a chance to visit Grace Boggs this weekend in Detroit with another mutual friend, Julia Putnam of the Boggs School. As many of you know, Grace has been in hospice care since September. We held hands as she talked about subjects as diverse as aging and dying, growing up Chinese American in Queens in the 1920s, and how we need to listen to the young people of Ferguson. It was a strain for her to speak, but at one point she expressed how nice it was for us to be there with her. I’m sharing this story because Grace’s close friends have set up a trust to help defray the expenses of her very costly long-term 24/hour care — which allows her to make her final transition at home, surrounding by those closest to her. Please join me on Giving Tuesday (which follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and consider making a contribution to someone who has spent most of her life fighting and providing so much for others.

Donate here

Thank you.
Grace Lee, filmmaker.

Livestream Q&A with Grace Lee, Caroline Libresco and Grace Lee Boggs – July 1st


Please join Producer/Director Grace Lee, Producer Caroline Libresco and Grace Lee Boggs for a live chat about the film as it streams online! Starts at 7pm ET, Tuesday July 1st. More info here

National Broadcast on PBS documentary series POV – June 30th


American Revolutionary will make its television debut on PBS as part of the POV series on June 30th. Be sure to check your local listings and tune in!
Then watch the post-broadcast discussion with director Grace Lee on July 1st!

Bring American Revolutionary to a theater near you!


AmRev has partnered with Tugg, an organization that allows community members to organize their own US screenings in existing movie theaters!  All you have to do is meet the required number of guests to secure the event. You can learn more about the process here.


Grace Lee, Director
Grace Lee
Grace Lee Boggs
Grace Lee Boggs
Grace Lee Boggs, circa 1950s, Detroit
Grace Lee Boggs and James Boggs
Grace Lee Boggs and Grace Lee, filmmaker
Grace Lee Boggs and Grace Lee, filmmaker
Photo by Quyen Tran

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